Ami Ndo Beard Growth Oil

Ami Ndo Beard Growth Oil

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Product Description

A highly effective and efficient experience for a healthy and full beard! This oil and herbally rich beard oil, reduces hair shedding, stimulates hair growth, and makes the roots stronger. The special formulation has been used in ancient cultures for long hair growth and rehydrates and enhances natural shine and softness of your beard. 

The scent is wrapped in an exotic Oud essential oils that is  attractive for both men and women.

Format is ideal for travel.

Usage Instructions

Squeeze the dropper to suck out 2-3 drops and place it on your beard. Use your hands and massage your beard through out the root and hair shaft Use daily. 



Oud Oil, Olive Oil, Ranawara (Cassia Auriculata), Sandalwood, Fenugreek Seeds, Amala, Vertiver, Black Cumin Seeds, Valampuri

Useful for Hair Types: