Why I Would Not Recommend a Silk Press

For many naturals, they occasionally get their hair pressed or straightened! Being able to run your hands through your tightly wound curls is nice, you get to see your actual length, and you can run your hands through your hair. However you may be causing heat damage and breakage to your hair, which is not healthy in the long run. 


To switch up my style, I usually get one silk press a year, for the aforementioned reasons. The process consists of a wash, deep condition, detangle, blow dry, and then a flat iron. See my silk press and curl below.

Bay-beeeee you couldn’t tell me anything! I loved it and received many compliments. My stylist did a great job, however now it was time to keep my hair stretched straight, which is only temporary. 

Since I work out everyday, I knew the sweat would only make my curl return faster so I had to find hair styles that could stretch my hair and combat curl retention. Here are some of the styles I used to help keep it straight: 

        •high bun my hair
        •bantu knot it    

        •pig tails
        • ponytails to stretch the roots

         •braid the rest of the hair shaft


These hairstyles helped me retain my straighter hair for about 3 weeks but I honestly was concerned about always seeing straight strands on my hair brush every time I brushed it, or on my ponytail holders after each style. I wasn’t sure if my hair was regularly shedding or breaking. 😞 Surely there are some curly ends that are now so loose and probably won’t turn coily so I will have to cut them off. These looser curls, pictured below, are the results of heat damage. I do know that naturally curly hair is stronger when curly and weaker when straight so I figured if I wanted my hair to be stronger and not damaged, I needed to go back to curls. 


Now that my hair is back in a 3 strand twist protective style, I haven’t had to manipulate my hair so much and life is normal. If I want to go straight, I’ll save my hair the heat damage and just wear a wig or apply hair extensions. 

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