Welcome to Hair By Akoni

Greetings friend and welcome to Hair By Akoni, your connection to factory direct hair that is straight from the source. We are so glad to have you here.

The journey to sourcing great quality hair has been an ominous one but we are glad to take on such feat because we love what we do.

Not only do we provide really great hair, customized specifically to your needs and wants, but we also provide transparent industry information about the trillion dollar hair industry that continues to grow.

We get tons of questions like: where does the hair come from; what is remy hair; what is the difference between 6a, 7a, 8a; what is virgin hair; and how can I start a hair business, etc.

We will answer all of your questions so make sure you stay connected with Hair By Akoni. We are on facebook and instagram as Hair By Akoni and you can always stay up to date right here on our blog.


with love,


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