Moisture is your Hair Power.

Yes, we wear wigs as a protective style but we must not forget about our natural hair underneath. How to keep the hair conditioned and flexible? MOISTURIZE. Say it with me now: mooooiiiiistuuuuuriiiiize.

The easiest and fastest way to moisturize your hair is to drink water. Drinking plenty of water is a total body health treatment: refreshed organs, flushed toxins, rejuvenated skin, and flexible and juicy hair shaft.

Other ways to moisturize your hair shaft include the following, using water-based conditioners to condition your hair and deep condition your hair. If there is no water in your hair cream or conditioner, whether it be a washout or leave-in, It will not moisturize your hair.

PLEASE READ: a lot of people confuse oil with moisturizing the hair. Yes, oil can act as scalp food and give us plenty of nutrients however when applied to the hair shaft, it acts as a sealant, to seal whatever is in your hair shaft... so if your hair is dry, and you use oil, you are sealing in dryness. ALWAYS ADD OIL AFTER YOU USE A WATER BASED CONDITIONER OR CREAM. 

Moisture is everything. Go to our home page and find our deep conditioning 3 in 1 steamer for ultra-deep condition and water retention.

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