Ndi Hair Detangling and Shampoo Brush

Hair By Akoni has created it's first detangling and shampoo brush. This video tutorial explains how to use the brush and detangle your afro kinky hair in under 6-8 minutes.

Our brush:

1.Specifically designed for afro kinky curly hair

2. Works on ALL hair types

3. brush on WET OR DRY

4. Doubles as a shampoo/conditioning brush as well (use it to detangle when you shampoo or condition)

Our brush is available in 6 colors at www.hairbyakoni.com Wholesale Orders invited: info@hairbyakoni.com Do you know any salon or beauty supply store that caters to kinky curly hair clients and customers? If so, we want to partner with them. Drop their info below or contact us at info@hairbyakoni.com


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