Detangle Your Hair

For all hair, especially curly hair, and most especially kinky curly hair, one must include detangling in their routine before styling. Detangling the hair will assure that the hair shaft is smoothely and consistently flowing in one direction.

Here are few steps you can try:

Direction: Start from the ends of your hair and work your way up.

On Dry Hair: finger detangle your hair first before using any wide tooth combs or brushes.

On Wet Hair: Wet hair is more suitable for detangling because the hair shaft is more flexible. Section your hair, rinse or spray your hair with water. Finger detangle before using any combs or brushes.

Be Patient: Take the time to feel, with you fingers, the knots in your hair. Finger detangle firstbefore using any combs or brushes. 

Slip Knots: applying a little conditioner to assist in detangling knots in your hair.


Detangling Tools: Click on our Detangling brush link to find our detangling brush. It works on all textures, wet or dry, and can detangle 4c kinky curly hair in less than 6 minutes. We know because we have tried it. 


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