Hair Biz: How to Know If You're dealing with a Manufacturer or Vendor

Now that I learned how to do it for myself, I teach other people how to become successful in the hair industry. Here are a few tips if you want to enter the industry.

1. Make sure you are dealing with a manufacturer versus a vendor.  How to know if you are dealing with a manufacturer is based on the following

  • a.  Hair location- learn the hair hubs of southeast Asia. factories are more so located in hubs, while vendors are not.
  • b.  Factory capacity- a factory should be able to produce hundreds of thousands of kilograms of hair a month to the tons.
  • c. Packaging production- a factory should be abe to make or provide brand packaging for you.
  • d. Price of hair- price should be competitive to all factory pricing. you're looking for wholesale versus retail.

2. For more details, please visit my hair blog at or visit my vlog at

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