Teas That are Great for Your Hair

Teas That Stimulate growth


  • Green Tea. You've probably consumed green tea before, and maybe you even drink it regularly. Packed with nutrients and antioxidants, green tea is an effective solution for hair growth. Because it is caffeinated, green tea is strong enough to penetrate the hair’s follicles and deliver a reinvigorating charge. Being the multitasker that it is, green tea’s antioxidant properties also prevent sun damage, and the growth of bacteria and fungus.


  • Rosemary Tea. Rosemary tea will increase blood circulation when you drink it.


  • Peppermint Tea. Peppermint is a popular herb for hair growth, and you'll find it in many forms.


  • Rooibos Tea  this tea strengthens hair, redces hair fall, and helps with scalp or skin conditions, such as dryness, and even dandruff

  • Sage Tea – this tea is rich in iron, as well as, copper and this is highly beneficial in encouraging a healthy scalp and hair follicles. The presence of copper gives this tea an added bonus of enriching the hair follicles and deterring and in some cases helping reverse premature greying of the hair


  • Hibiscus Tea – this is an extremely nourishing tea that provides the hair and it follicles with nourishment and conditioning that promotes stronger hair that is less tangled and less prone to breakage; hair that is moisturized, and a healthy scalp to boot.This herbal tea is fantastic for helping maintain hair and prevent hair loss and excessive shedding. It is also beneficial for those who are experiencing premature greying as it can in some cases reverse greying of the hair.The flower, leaves, and oil are absolutely beneficial in maintain healthy growing hair.

  • Rosemary Tea – this tea is particularly good because it also lightly cleanse the scalp and enriches the hair follicles when applied topically, leaving the hair looking darker, healthier and nicely moisturized.

  • Ginger Tea – this warming tea is fantastic as an envigorating rinse for the scalp and hair. Leaving you with a clean feeling scalp much like peppermint tea and will leave you with lustrous hair.Enhance hair color

While tea rinses can be used on all hair types, they can deliver some especially amazing benefits to people with natural or dyed light-colored hair, such as blondes and redheads. Chamomile tea can brighten blonde hair and is especially beneficial when combined with half a lemon and honey followed up by a bask in direct sunlight. Redheads will love hibiscus and rooibos teas as they can add dimension to red hair while also giving off a pleasant aroma. People with dark hair are advised to use black or dark-colored teas, which can deepen their color and darken grays.

Teas that Reduce shedding

Black tea works best for people who are looking to combat shedding. Black teas’ natural properties help to block the hormone DHT that is responsible for hair shedding. So, as it works to keep hair firmly rooted to the scalp, black tea will also nourish and strengthen your delicate strands.

Pro tip: Try a cold brew tea rinse by leaving your tea bags to soak overnight. This is said to maintain the potency of the tea without boiling away the benefits. After you finish, reuse your tea bags to de-puff your eyes and reduce dark circles (thanks, caffeine!) or cut them open to use the damp tea as a skin exfoliant.


Aside from its soothing properties and countless skin and weight loss benefits, peppermint tea also acts as a viable solution for thinning hair as well. The natural tea has been found to stimulate your scalp and assist in hair growth by promoting and improving circulation.



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