Shorter Hairs in Your Bundles?!*%!?!?!?

bundles comb hair floor hair Haír ratio Ratio shorter hairs

Short Hairs? Who needs them or wants them? 
This is what happens when one  gathers the left over  hair from the floor hair and brushes and bundles it. 
This hair is visually unappealing and usually lower priced. So don’t pay more for less! Show your manufacturer this and tell them that you don’t want it. 
Combat this by asking the manufacturer or vendor 
1.What is the ratio of straight hairs to long hair? 
2.If the bundle is 18 inches, what is the percentage of actual 18” hairs in the hair?
For more hair industry gems, please check out our “Hair Ratio” video Akoni Channel  on YouTube. The link is in the bio. 

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