About The CEO

Stephanie Idio - a Nigerian American businesswoman, blogger and lifestyle enthusiast. 

Stephanie graduated with her Juris Doctorate from Florida Coastal University and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Houston. She’s an international businesswoman who has a mutual interest in stage singing and live performances. 

Stephanie has always had an attraction to global interest ranging from learning languages and avid travel to studying/living abroad. These interests include expanding her knowledge concerning foreign and cultural affairs. 

In 2015, Stephanie moved to Guangzhou, China to embark on a journey filled with launching creative business ventures. In 2018, Stephanie launched a fun and solution driven hair line called Hair By Akoni with locations in both China & Nigeria. 

Hair by Akoni is a hair distribution company that creates hair tools for textured hair. Stephanie and her team research, source, manufacture, and distribute hair. Stephanie also negotiates and communicates with vendors and manufacturers from all over southeast Asia. 

Ms. Akoni is living proof that creating your own existence and manifesting your best life is both possible and attainable.