Micro Loop Hair Extensions

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Micro loop / micro bead / micro ring hair extensions

Micro loop hair extensions are little strands of hair, that are attached to the hair with little metallic loops – therefore the name. They’re called micro beads, micro loops and micro rings, yet they all mean the same thing.

Micro loop extensions were the first hair extensions that I tried on myself, and I loved them. You need a pair of pliers, and most of the strands have little plastic hair-loops attached to them – all you need to do is put a strand trough it, and pull it up, then use the pliers to squeeze them shut. If you have thin hair, I wouldn’t recommend you to have micro loop hair extensions put on. The metallic beads can show quite a lot when you don’t have much hair to cover the metal with, and you’d feel uncomfortable yourself.

Caring for your micro loop hair extensions

There’s several different ways to care for your micro link hair extensions, it depends on which way do you find to be the the most suitable for you. Here’s the tips and routine that I used during having micro loop hair extensions myself.

Washing micro loop hair extensions

It’s recommended to use a loop brush or a very soft bristle brush to brush the hair about 2-3 times a day, or as you require. Start with the ends of the hair, and slowly work your way up, but don’t comb the area between the micro rings and your scalp – it pulls the hair, causes tangles and you can damage your hair by accident.

When you wash your hair extensions, thoroughly rinse all of the shampoo and conditioner after washing your hair. DO NOT put any conditioner, oils, masks onto the roots of your hair or onto the bonds. It loosens the bonds, making it easy for the hair to slip out, and then you have a problem at your hands.

When you should go swimming, or to a sauna, tie your hair up for the time being. Once you’re done and head for the showers – make sure to rinse very thoroughly in order to wash the chlorine or sea water out. It’s known for turning the hair weak, and drying them out.

For night time, tie your hair into a loose ponytail, or braid them. The absolute worst thing you could do is to go to sleep with loose, wet hair. They tangle so terribly that you’re going to have to remove your hair extensions the following day.

I dreaded showering with the micro loop hair extensions. When your hair gets wet, the weight of metal, hair extensions, your own hair and water combined is too much to take. It’s a very heavy amount to carry around. But this why you have to wrap the hair in a towel right after you finish

Drying micro loop hair extensions

Due to that micro loop hair extensions are attached to your own hair, it’s possible to both air dry them AND blow dry them.

If you choose to blow dry your hair, make sure to apply heat protection serums before you start. Choose the possibly lowest heat, and slowly start making your way up from the roots of the hair.

Once your hair has been fully dried, use your fingers to gently separate the loops, to confirm that the blow drying hasn’t caused any unwanted tangles.

With air drying, use a looped brush or a wide tooth comb to de-tangle your hair in a gentle manner, making sure that the bonds haven’t gotten tangled during washing. Use a oil like argan oil, or avocado oil on the mid-length and ends of your hair – but not the roots!

Once that’s done, let your hair dry naturally.

Wet hair and micro loop hair extensions

I’ve mentioned this golden rule before – DO NOT SLEEP WITH WET OR DAMP. The hair will get messy, tangle and matte overnight. The mess that creates is so bad that you cannot untangle it even if you gave your best, ending up having the extensions being cut out of your hair.

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