Lack of Hair Representation for Textured Hair, and Black and Brown Actors in Hollywood s

As apart of our mission here at Hair By Akoni, we design hair tools for textured hair. We are aware of the lack of hair tools necessary for textured hair, especially those of black and brown actors, in professional spaces. It doesn't stop there, many of the hair stylists, although professional, have little to no experience with textured hair. Even further, certain makeup and beauty products are void as well.
Listen to the actors from She's Gotta Have It share their experiences in the makeup and hair rooms. They talk about bringing their own supplies, doing their hair and makeup themselves; and question the hair tools presented. They even suggest that there be classes taught for hair and makeup artists to learn how to do texutred hair.
She's Gotta Have It: Hair and Make Up Rules

Having to assume responsibility for your own hair and make up on set is just another challenge that Black actresses + actors have to combat in Hollywood. On this next installment of #WhatHadHappenedWas, the ladies of She's Gotta Have It breakdown the importance of setting firm expectactions for stylists, and why it's time for the industry to do the work to solve these problems.

Posted by Strong Black Lead on Thursday, 27 June 2019

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