Heat Damage

If you have ever blow dried your hair, chances are you have heat damage. We may not use oil protectants before dryer use, we may dry too close to our hair shaft, and we may over use the hair dryer.

Not to fear, reversing and preventing heat damage is easy. Summer is here and the sun is all you need, or the dry heat. After washing your hair, tshirt dry your hair until it is damp, style it or prestyle it in rollers, twists, braids, hair formers, curlers-whatever you want- and let it dry.

Of course it may take a while longer if you are not directly in the sun, but it will not damage your hair.

Bear in mind that this works best during warmer temperatures. Also, your hair can experience sun burn as well, so don't forget to cover your hair with a hat or scarf sometimes.

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